Umaid Bhavan – Jodhpur’s Glamour

The city of Jodhpur is located at the foot of a sandstone hill portraying a lovely oasis in the middle of a sand desert. As the city boasts fine culture and splendour it is a much sought after destination in Rajasthan. Adorned by various palaces, forts and monuments the city is famous for the Umaid Bhawan.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is known as India’s last Palace. Initiated in the year 1929 and completed in the year 1944 the main plan behind this massive structure was to provide employment to the people of Jodhpur who were affected by the drought.

This magnificent Palace boasts an exterior of Indo-Art-Deco style and with its 347 rooms it was the largest private residence of the world when its construction was completed and opened to the Royal in 1944. The structure was named after His Highness Maharaja Umaid Singhji and has served as the residence of the Maharajah and his successors since then.

Today part of the Palace still remains and serves as the private residence of the Jodhpur Royal Family. And it being one of the grandest edifices of the world constructed as the residence of Royalty it features some of the finest examples of architectural styles of early modern period.

There are many unique features at the Palace that can be viewed by the public. Rare pieces of antiques, period furniture and artefacts are used to decorate the whole Palace. Visitors can look out for the Central Dome which is 110 feet high unique centrepiece and the Zodiac Swimming Pool which adds serenity to the complex. The Palace is surrounded by spacious lawns and beautifully landscaped gardens which add to the ambiance of the whole compound.

Visitors are also afforded sights of the Royal collection at the private museum of the compound. Featuring the Maharajah’s private collection this museum offers views of antique clocks, rare pieces of furniture, arms and even antique China vases.

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